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About us

The Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster is a network that supports the various actors of the CleanTech sector with the goal of creating and developing new and sustainable business opportunities, mainly through collaborative R&D and innovation projects.

The specific objectives of the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster are to:

  • Diversify the activities of the Luxembourg companies thus allowing them to gain and to develop new capabilities in the field eco-technologies
  • Contribute to the development of new environmental solutions in the field of eco-technologies and sustainable construction
  • Raise the public awareness for the uptake of “green technologies”
  • Build public-private partnerships in order to develop new collaborative projects of common interest
  • Encourage the networking between public and private actors on the national and the international level.  

Luxembourg hosts a thriving CleanTech sector. There are numerous eco-companies working mainly in the field of eco-construction, renewable energy, waste management, water and electromobility, supported by numerous public agencies and research organisations.

Eco-innovation involves finding ways of reducing the environmental impact of processes, products and services. Whether it is by finding a more energy-efficient process, a way to address environmental problems or a replacement for an excessively polluting production method, the scope is very wide.

Research activities in environmental technologies focus on environmental management, life-cycle assessment, clean technologies and process engineering, environmental modelling as well as the sustainable management of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

The take-up of green technologies is empowered by an ambitious action plan, which Luxembourg has recently adopted in order to stimulate the production of eco-technology products and to support research and development in the Clean Technologies field, thereby leading to greater sustainability and economic diversification. This action plan is oriented around the development of two different fields of capability:

  • the rationale use of natural materials
  • innovative materials

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