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What we cover…

The members of the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster are active in many different areas such as:

  • eco-Construction/ eco-materials
  • renewable and alternative energies (biomass, biogas, photovoltaics…)
  • eco-design/eco-conception
  • rational use of energy
  • various support services

What we offer…

The Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster provides access to a dynamic network of companies, public research institutes and organisations and offers a personalised portfolio of support services corresponding to the specific innovation requirements of its members.

Business-oriented platform for networking and exchange allowing you to:

  • contact new business and research partners
  • develop collaborative R&D and innovation projects on national and international level
  • find answers to your R&D related questions by sharing knowledge and good practice from companies and public research organisations
  • build public-private partnerships in order develop new projects of common interest  

Set of specialised support services providing:

  • access to practical and technical information related to specific questions on Eco-Innovation
  • advice on national and European funding opportunities for eco-innovation technologies
  • value-added information on emerging technologies and markets